Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Changes coming to the Pumpkin Wall

If I've counted correctly, this will be the tenth year of the Elizabeth Pumpkin Wall. The big change this year: The ECA is taking over. In previous years, a quiet group of neighborhood handypersons known as the Woodpeckers found the spot for the wall, erected the scaffolding, bought a ton of pumpkins, scheduled the lighting, got the word out, etc. I'm guessing perhaps the Woodpeckers have had enough. With the ECA takeover, look for the wall to lose some or all of the overt political messages carried in previous years. Oh, and the ECA is looking for volunteers: 
The Pumpkin Wall is in need of a home for 2013! The area needs to be level ground with enough room in front of the pumpkin display for people to walk. If you have or know of  the perfect space, send [ECA President-elect] Eric Davis a note. The Pumpkin Wall could also use a committee to facilitate and coordinate with the Woodpeckers. The committee would need a chairperson and about three members. If you love Halloween and jack-o'-lanterns and full moons and fun, please consider volunteering so our community can continue this unique tradition!Please contact:  Eric Davis or [ECA Secretary] Diana Watson for details. 

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