Monday, February 19, 2007

Both sides of 5th

Crime Dawg writes:

Here is a note from CDOT: Within the next few days, we will be removing the parking signs on 5th Street between Osborne and Dotger at the request of the Elizabeth neighborhood. Traditionally the street has been parked on one side only. In an effort to slow the traffic down, we are allowing both sides to be parked. CATS buses are no longer routed down 5th Street and the street is wide enough to support the parking.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Leaky 'Lizbeth

It's been some time since it's rained, so when the street is wet where else can the water come from except below? Some of the water leaking at Clement and Park (below) froze on the street overnight. The one on the 1900 block of East 7th Street (above) was flowing strongly downhill. Fortunately it's easy to report water leaks. Call 311 anytime. Took me about five minutes to report these two leaks this morning. They promise to respond within 72 hours. That would be Valentine's Day. Let's see if they keep that promise.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Moon over 'Lizbeth

Did you check out the moon last Wednesday night before the storm came in? Around 7:30 or so the clouds created a really cool set of colored rings around our lunar neighbor. Peter Tart snapped this picture just after the peak color time. It was quite a show. Peter also pointed to this page that explains the phenomenon. Thanks Peter.

Jennifer watch

There she goes again, this time on a skateboard. (You'll have to look at page 20A of the Sunday Observer to see the photo of Jennifer Roberts with helmet and pads -- it's not on the Web site.)

Million dollar baby

Is it a first? The house at 1928 E. 9th Street is for sale, asking price: $1.1 million. This is not your typical Elizabeth bungalow. We're talking 3,400 square feet, a triple lot and a detached two-car garage with a 600-square-foot upstairs. But a million dollars? Has it been done before? Will it happen now? We'll see...