Monday, November 28, 2005

More neighbors

What is the biggest threat to home values in Elizabeth? Could it be this? Or this? Or this? Or this?

More than 3,000 new downtown condos have been announced in the last year, according to The Charlotte Observer. People who buy high-rise condos and people who buy old homes in Elizabeth are likely two different markets. But there's bound to be overlap. I'd love to live downtown. And I know of at least one couple who sold their Elizabethan house and bought downtown.

Part of what keeps housing prices high in Elizabeth -- and Dilworth and Plaza-Midwood and others -- is the proximity to downtown. The supply of housing close to downtown is limited. What will the affect of thousands of new homes downtown be on our neighborhood ?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bring dessert

When I tell non-Elizabethans about my neighborhood I'm quick to mention recurring events like the progressive dinner, the July 4 parade, the road race, the pot luck dinner and of course the annual Elizabeth Neighborhood Holiday Party. It might be the time of year or it might be the free wine and beer, but the holiday party is always a blast. And Jane and Roxie's house is the perfect spot for holiday cheer. See you there, Dec. 10. Bring a dessert.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Historic Elizabeth

What do Dilworth, Plaza-Midwood, Fourth Ward and Wesley Heights have that Elizabeth doesn't have? Historic District Designation. Should that change?

John Rogers of the Charlotte Historic District Commission talked to the ECA board at the October meeting. I think there's interest on the board in persuing historic designation. I also think there's a lot of opposition in the neighborhood. Last time the ECA pushed for Historic District Designation there was a lawsuit. Can we avoid that this time?

What do you think? What's good about historic designation? What's bad about it? Post a comment, or better yet join Under the Water Tower and tell us what you think.

Honda owners read this

If you drive a Honda, live in Elizabeth and don't use The Club, you are asking for your car to be stolen. Car thefts increased from 26 to 61 this year over last year according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. Many were Hondas. I speak from experience, having my former Honda stolen not once but twice. A neighbor two doors down had hers stolen. A local mechanic showed me how easy it is to break into and start a Honda with an ordinary screwdriver. You've been warned!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tree hacking

These trees on Bay Street were recently pruned by a Duke Power subcontractor, setting off a flurry of emails from concerned Elizabethans to Duke. Duke and the city of Charlotte agree: The trees are planted in the wrong place, badly decayed, unsightly and need to be removed. Well they're certainly unsightly now. Why is it that other cities can bury their power lines?

Neighborhood pictures

Maya Packard writes: "Ken Magas has set up a neighborhood account at for pictures from neighborhood events. Anyone with the password can view, add to, or create albums, so we can all share our photos from community events (like the Halloween party on Monday; Ken's album from that is already posted)."

If you'd like to know more about it, add a comment to this post and I'll give you the username and password. Of course if you'd like to post a picture or two you can do it right here at Under the Water Tower. It's easy and free and open to everyone. Add a comment to this post and I'll tell you how.