Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tree hacking

These trees on Bay Street were recently pruned by a Duke Power subcontractor, setting off a flurry of emails from concerned Elizabethans to Duke. Duke and the city of Charlotte agree: The trees are planted in the wrong place, badly decayed, unsightly and need to be removed. Well they're certainly unsightly now. Why is it that other cities can bury their power lines?


Anonymous said...

The "stump" in the foreground reminds me of the mother and child sculpture at the intersection of Trade & Tryon.

anonyMoses said...

Ah! I see it too! Someone should finish the sculpture.

Charlotte can afford to teach all its tree people the subtle and beautiful arts of bonsai and feng shui. No faster way of beautifying Charlotte and making it unique can be imagined, even by me, the imaginator.

It's nauseating the way some tree people treat these natural works of art. A little lernin' could go a long way.

I hear the entire island of Bali is feng shui, and is swept entirely every day.

We could do that.