Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wake-up call

Tired of that early morning wake-up call courtesy of the huge garbage trucks that slam those big metal dumpsters around like toys?

You don't have to take it. There IS a law against it. The city's noise ordinance means those big things arent's supposed to start driving you nuts until 7 a.m.

If you call the garbage company and complain, they may stop. If they don't, call the city's Noise Variance department at 336-2310. You may have to complain several times. But after the company gets one or two $300 fines, you should notice some improvement.

Two special Elizabeth neighbors.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Peter's note to Boulevard Co.


The Elizabeth Community Association (ECA) met last night and discussed The Boulevard Company's request to rezone the property at Laurel & Randolph. Of the concerns expressed, those relating to scale/density and the anticipated increase in traffic and resulting safety issues were at the heart of the sometimes 'heated' discussion. It was agreed upon that the areas of improvement to your plans given to us (dated 17 December 2004) would fall into 3 categories:1, ample vehicular access to the site, and its direct environs, so as not to unduly congest Laurel; 2, mitigate pedestrian safety along Laurel to Kenmore and at the intersections of Laurel/Randolph and Laurel/Vail; and,  3. building scale along Laurel edge to be more sympathetic to the existing scale and character of adjacent buildings.  We submit that these improvements will help balance the negative effects of your requested increase in density, and maintain the safety and great character our residents now enjoy. Placing the Elizabeth residents' safety in jeopardy will lead us to oppose the conditional rezoning. With your written agreement to these improvements the ECA will support the requested rezoning of the property.  

Please review the following requests and include on the conditional plans submitted and presented to City Council next week.

1. drive/parking entrance on Randolph road

2. fully fund left turn signals for existing turn lanes from Laurel (both directions) onto Randolph road, pending CDOT approval

3. new crosswalks (stamped, colored asphalt) at Laurel/Randolph (5 crossings) and Laurel/Vail (4 crossings) intersections

4. fully fund tightening of curb radii at north/west corner of Laurel/Vail (with approval with CDOT - should decrease speed from Laurel onto Vail

5. fully fund installation of concrete sidewalk on Laurel, from Vail to Kenmore, western side of street across from LaurelDale

6. no fewer than 1.5 parking spaces/unit

7. replace mature maple (probably lost to Randolph Road drive, pending approval of city landscape services) with 10 hardwood trees (currently $160 each, contracted with city) either on site or elsewhere in the Elizabeth community, as directed by the ECA

8. housing units on Laurel should have individual entrances off that sidewalk (facing Laurel)

9. the developer agrees not to temporarily or otherwise close any lane on Laurel during the construction of this project

Please call me if you have any questions concerning these improvements. In order to have time to submit letters to the City Council before next week we'd need to have a copy of the revised conditional plan by Thursday afternoon for ECA review. Without such written agreement we will be forced to oppose the rezoning, as it would lead to a decrease in safety and quality of life here in Elizabeth.

Peter Tart, president Elizabeth Community Association

Rezoning notice

Elizabeth residents,

There will be a presentation and open forum concerning the rezoning proposal of the parcel at Laurel and Randolph. The developer, The Boulevard Company, will present it's plans and elevations for review and comment/discussion. Please attend this important gathering on February 1st 2005 at Caldwell Memorial Church, East 5th Street (near Elizabeth Traditional School) at 6:30 pm. Help guide our community toward a better Elizabeth.

-Peter Tart
president, Elizabeth Community Association