Sunday, June 29, 2008

SouthPark still waiting

Turns out Elizabeth isn't the only neighborhood having a hard time landing Whole Foods. Even with its tony demographics, SouthPark is finding Whole Foods a little on the persnickety side. The Observer reports that construction on the site won't start until 2010, and you know these things don't tend to get early starts.

The article says Whole Foods is considering additional locations in Charlotte, one of the three largest metro areas in the country without a Whole Foods. My guess is one additional location won't be Elizabeth -- despite the best efforts of Elizabethan Beth Haenni -- because by the time they make up their minds, we'll have been won over by Trader Joe's, Fresh Markets, Earth Fares and who-knows-what-all stores.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thomas Street rocks

The only North Carolina bar on Esquire magazine's list of the best bars in America? Thomas Street Tavern of course. No, it's not in Elizabeth, but it is often full of Elizabethans.

Leaving Eastland

The news just keeps getting worse for Eastland Mall. Now the owners may walk rather than pay the mortgage, because they owe more than the thing is worth. I tend to remember what Eastland used to be at this time, but in addition to figuring out what to do with the east side, now is the time to wonder: What will be the next Eastland?

Guns in Plaza Midwood

Maybe if I was shot at Snug Harbor I might feel more like Scott Yamanashi, who is starting an armed neighborhood patrol in Plaza Midwood to battle crime. I certainly understand the frustration. Crime is a constant worry in this city, and sometimes it seems like nothing is being done. But I wonder about the setup: An armed and perhaps angry crime victim searching the mean nighttime streets for evil. No problem as long as wisdom and patience prevail.

I applaud Scott for standing up, for getting involved, for organizing. I hope lots of people follow his lead and his neighborhood and ours becomes awash in nightside eyes watching out for all of us. But I'd feel better if the guns stayed home.