Sunday, December 19, 2010

ECA: neighborhood business promotions

Terry Lett writes:
As some of you are aware, there is an email list specifically for the promotion of our Elizabeth businesses; the existing list has been transferred to Google Groups.  Neighborhood businesses may post one neighborhood-specific special or offer for residents each month.  To sign up for this email list, click on the "Visit this group" link below, then click "Apply for Membership." 

Google Groups
LizBiz Promo

Visit this group

Businesses wishing to post an offer may send an email to Terry Lett at

Friday, December 10, 2010

Party time!

A few reminders for the annual Elizabeth Holiday Party tomorrow night:
  • Please bring comfy socks or slippers, as we will all remove our shoes while inside this beautiful, new home.
  • Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share.  Don't forget your serving utensil.  Disposable dishes are easiest, if possible.
  • As always, we thank the ECA for providing the ham and beverages.
  • You can still RSVP by emailing:

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Life on Elizabeth

Welcome to the 'hood, Paul Mitchell The School. Here's hoping you sign up lots of students and can make a solid business at 1516 Elizabeth Avenue. Your contractors did a nice job renovating that old building, but let's face it, the newness sticks out in contrast to what's around it: Next to nothing. Whatever the reason, much of Elizabeth Avenue between CPCC and Presbyterian Hospital has become a desolate embarrassment. Yes, we can still give thanks for Carpe Diem, Customshop, the Visualite and a few others. But really. Does anyone think the empty buildings and gravel lots are better than what was there before?

Notice the buses?

In case you're wondering what all the tour buses are doing around Presbyterian Hosptial, they're driving hospital employees to and from the Blake Hotel downtown where the employees are parking their cars. Seems the employee parking deck at Caswell and 5th may have some structural issues, and until they can be identified and corrected, no parking at the deck. The buses are running every 10 minutes or so all day long.