Sunday, December 05, 2010

Life on Elizabeth

Welcome to the 'hood, Paul Mitchell The School. Here's hoping you sign up lots of students and can make a solid business at 1516 Elizabeth Avenue. Your contractors did a nice job renovating that old building, but let's face it, the newness sticks out in contrast to what's around it: Next to nothing. Whatever the reason, much of Elizabeth Avenue between CPCC and Presbyterian Hospital has become a desolate embarrassment. Yes, we can still give thanks for Carpe Diem, Customshop, the Visualite and a few others. But really. Does anyone think the empty buildings and gravel lots are better than what was there before?


sirshannon said...

The developers and construction crews made their money so I'm sure they're happy about it. I lived on Park Drive while the construction was happening, it was terrible. My Starbucks closed, traffic was always a mess, a few good business left or came and left... I assumed a year after it was all finished, the street would be at least as cool as it was before. This is very sad.

John McBride said...

Yes, sad. Lonely too.