Monday, February 19, 2007

Both sides of 5th

Crime Dawg writes:

Here is a note from CDOT: Within the next few days, we will be removing the parking signs on 5th Street between Osborne and Dotger at the request of the Elizabeth neighborhood. Traditionally the street has been parked on one side only. In an effort to slow the traffic down, we are allowing both sides to be parked. CATS buses are no longer routed down 5th Street and the street is wide enough to support the parking.


Anonymous said...

This is great! The buses moving is also a good thing--the route was no longer "efficient" for CATS and they moved it to Randolph to better serve its riders.

Andria said...

Totally unrelated but useful.
The domain name for the Merry Oaks neighborhood is undergoing some changes, so the link you have doesn't work right now.
Can you change it to This is safe for foreseeable future.

John McBride said...

Thanks Andria. I've fixed it and some other links on the sidebar.