Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pumpkin Wall update

The ECA writes:

Hello, Neighbors! We've already received a lot of questions about the Pumpkin Wall, so we'd like to provide a few more details.
First, a special "thank you" to Elizabeth's woodworking group, the Woodpeckers, for sponsoring the Pumpkin Wall for the last decade.  It's become a special neighborhood tradition that has now been passed to the Elizabeth Community Association and new neighborhood volunteers to continue.  A few things to note:
(1) Since the Pumpkin Wall is now officially being sponsored by ECA, it will no longer be political in nature.
(2) We need at least 4-5 new volunteers to step up so this unique tradition can continue.  The volunteer team will simply oversee delivery of the pumpkins, lead the annual "Lighting of the Pumpkins," and generally make sure that enough pumpkin carving supplies are available, etc.  The Woodworkers will continue to actually build the wood support structure.
(3) Key dates:Oct. 21 or 22 -- Volunteers set up pumpkins.Oct. 27 -- Volunteers lead annual lighting of the pumpkins.Nov. 2 -- Volunteers coordinate dismantling with the Woodpeckers.
(4) Will you donate your yard?  The Pumpkin Wall needs a home for 2013.  Flat ground with enough grass in front to allow for mingling/walking/carving.
(5) If you want to see the Pumpkin Wall tradition continue and would like to help, please email ECA at or Eric Davis at

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