Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lawbreakers beware

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Captain Mike Campagna had good news and bad news last night at the annual ECA covered dish dinner and meeting. Bad news: crime is up. Good news: Elizabeth will get more police resources as a result. We're apparently a "hot spot" on the police chief's list, which means he wants to know what's going on here. Let's make sure we tell him. See something unusual? Call 911. Not sure whether to call 911? Call 911. See an officer on a bicycle? Stop and talk to him and tell him what you know about the neighborhood. We can't expect them to do it alone.


Capt. Mike Campagna said...

Look for more information regarding the ECA meeting in October (normally a board meeting maybe?) where we are going to discuss crime issues in much more detail.

I am going to send some additional information to Brad to distribute through the e-mail network to better prepare folks for the meeting.

I look forward to hitting these problems head-on together with the ECA.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened on Vail? Lots of police cars on Sunday morning--including crime lab vans.