Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hats off to Hardin

You really have to hand it to Hardin Minor for challenging an established incumbent in a primary. That's an uphill battle no matter what the office, and he got no help from the so-called liberal media. Meanwhile the rarity of Hardin's candidacy gives me another opportunity to lambaste our political setup.

Every office holder who ever voted for carving districts into safe havens for one party or the other ought to hang their heads in shame. Why was voter turnout 5% for Tuesday's primary? What's to turn out for? If you're a Republican living in a Democratic district, your vote doesn't count. You may as well stay home. Or not leave work, since election day is held on a day most people work.


Anonymous said...

Gee John, seems my vote for Mayor Pat counted!! I've no clue what you're talking about when you say Republicans might as well stay at home?? Of course we had no one to vote for in this democratic neighborhood if we're registered Republican, but we can vote and I did.

John McBride said...

Congratulations for voting in the mayoral race. Did you cast a vote for a candidate for district 1 city council? No. Why? No Republicans are running. Why? Because the politicans have carved safe districts. Sure, your vote counted for mayor. But you don't get a say in who represents you in district 1 -- unless not voting for Patsy Kinsey in the general election qualifies as having a say.