Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can't be good for business

Winn Maddrey and his family enjoyed dinner at the new Intermezzo restaurant at Central and Louise the other night, but when they returned to their car they found the front passenger window smashed and Winn's briefcase gone. In it, among other things, was his laptop. On the laptop were a bunch of family photos. He said he's got copies of most of the photos elsewhere, but not all. And insurance is covering the monetary side of his loss. But, really, this can't be good for a new business to have that kind of crime outside its doors in broad daylight.


bacaorr said...

The same thing happened to a customer at Providence Road Sundries last week. It happens other places than my 'hood.

I enjoy your posts!

John McBride said...

Good point. It can happen anywhere. As the police say, don't leave anything of value in your car -- especially where a thief can spot it.


Anonymous said...

perhaps Winn shouldn't have left his briefcase in the front seat.

John McBride said...

It's clear he shouldn't have left his briefcase in the front seat, anon. I think it's appropriate to recognize that we can't leave valuables in our cars and at the same time recognize that we ought to be able to do just that.