Sunday, July 08, 2007

Storm damage

I hope yesterday's brief but powerful storm left you unharmed, although clearly lots of folks suffered damage to their homes and other property. We were very lucky at our house, no damage and no power loss in what several long-time Elizabethans are calling a "mini-Hugo." And if you drive or walk down some of the streets, the resemblance to that storm is striking. We'll be talking about this one for years, I imagine.

This house on the corner of East 8th and Ridgeway was lucky when the tree in the front yard (below) missed it, but then part of another tree landed on the roof (above).

A huge tree fell on pecan (above) but didn't appear to damage any surrounding houses. "I'd call it a miracle," said one observer. It was still blocking one lane on Sunday.

This fallen tree on Bay (above) managed to get both house and at least one car, although you can't see it in this photo.


jb said...

hi - can someone suggest the best method for having a pile of tree debris removed from your front yard? neighbors and i have made a neat stack of branches and limbs, but are unsure of when/how it will be removed. ideas? guidance?

thank you!

John McBride said...

If you cut the branches down to four-feet-long or less and stack them at the curb, the regular pickup should haul them away. I believe most of Elizabeth is on a Wednesday pickup. If you have questions or the trucks didn't pick up your debris, call 311. And good luck.