Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Non-compliant sex offenders

That's William Anthony Swinton on the left and Roderick Dale Freeman on the right, a pair of local sex offenders who are "non-compliant" according to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff. My understanding is that means the cops don't know where these guys are -- and they're supposed to. Swinton's last known address was 2512 McClintock Rd., Apt 2. Freeman's was 229 N. Torrence St. These are just two of at least 22 convicted sex offenders in Mecklenburg County and hundreds more across the Carolinas, exposing gaps in the states' sex-offender registry laws, according to the Observer.


Anonymous said...

I'm at 231 n torrence and Freeman indeed lives there. I beleive he's non-compliant in Wilmington, NC.

John McBride said...

Thanks for that tip. It didn't occur to me that they could be non-compliant elsewhere.

terrell said...

Yes roderick dale freeman is my father i havent seen him since i was born and thts 28 years ago imtryna reunite with him so if 585 754 5869 or 585 406 1532 u can point me in the right way.i it