Sunday, May 07, 2006

Progressively fuller

At our Progressive Dinner house on Greenway, hosts Beth and Scott Haenni went beyond the call by also preparing warm goat cheese salsa and fresh guacamole. (That's Scott in the back in black t-shirt; Beth at far left, also in black.) So I ate some. It was really good. Just before that, at the appetizers house, I nibbled on various things while never straying far from the two frozen margarita machines. So when it came time to actually eat dinner, I was already fat. That I did not join the clean plate club was no reflection on the meal. Maya and company, you did a great job choosing the menu -- again. Afterward, the desert house on Bay Street made up for the dearth of sweets last year with an overload this year. All in all, an excellent Progressive Dinner -- again. If you didn't make it -- and we know who you are 9th Street -- rest assured we talked about you.

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