Friday, May 13, 2005

Subcontractor at Hawthorne Rec

ECA president Peter Tart reports on the situation at Hawthorne Rec Center:

"Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation is subcontracting the operation of the Hawthorne Rec Center to a sports club (badminton and table tennis). The current hours of operation are not expected to be reduced but some activities are likely to be relocated to the First Ward Recreation Center while some from other locations will be moved to the Hawthorne Center.

"Lola Massad, branch manager for wellness and recreation center services for the county (704.336.8460) said the changes are due to budget cutbacks. The board expressed disappointment that someone else was going to operate the facility and was assured that the changes likely would not be noticed. According to Massad an alternative is closing the center so this choice might be preferable. The sports club is expected to sign a 9-year contract to operate the facility."

What do you think about this? The rec center just got an update and now it's being turned over to a sports club? Will they put a fence around everything like they did with the baseball field at the other end of Independence Park? Should we just subcontract the entire park out to Dick's Sporting Goods and be done with it?

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