Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New neighbor

If you have to cut down one of Elizabeth's prize trees, at least you can do something clever with it. That's what they did at the Cajun Queen restaurant on East 7th Street. The gator -- named Elizabeth, naturally -- was carved out of the stump with a chainsaw.


Vail Ave Blogger said...

Any idea why the tree had to be cut down? Any news on the rumored renovation of Cajun Queen?


John McBride said...

Good questions. Nobody was around to ask when I took this picture. The tree had a long, thick branch that hung over cars that parked on Lamar. I assume the restaurant owners were worried the limb -- or the entire tree -- could fall in a storm.

I hadn't heard that they plan a renovation. Anybody else know about this?

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard anything about a renovation ... but I did see that Cajun Queen was ranked very low recently by the restaurant health inspections.

Anonymous said...

Cajun Queen sure needs a renovation. I always recommended it to folks visiting town...not any more.....The exterior looks run down....The food and music are still good but the outside is in need of some help.