Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Band together

The ECA writes:
The city has offered the ECA up to $3,000 for tree banding this fall, and we need your help! The grant will help the ECA subsidize tree banding materials, making it cheaper for everyone to keep those pesky canker worms at bay. We need a lot of signatures, essentially saying you'll give at least one hour to band trees. This is something we all do anyway, so you don't need to commit to anything extra.

Please stop by one of these front porches to sign your name by October 14:

2338 Greenway Ave -- Crandall residence
2319 Kenmore Ave -- Poole residence
2400 E. 5th St -- Packard residence
1955 E. 8th St -- Holman residence

If you have questions, please email Britta Crandall at: brittacrandall at-sign yahoo.com

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