Thursday, May 05, 2011

Clean up the park

Kristan Magas writes:
Elizabeth has officially adopted Independence Park. Severe budget cuts have limited Parks and Recreation staff and the maintenance of our park, so we would like to help them with two ongoing projects:
1. Walk through the park each Saturday afternoon to pick up trash.
2. Help with maintenance or landscaping projects on the second Saturday of each month. 
The park staff is very happy to have as much help as possible. Picking up the small pieces of trash in the park allows the staff to attend to heavier maintenance issues. This is a large undertaking for our neighborhood but we can do it with help from all. This could be a great community service project for groups or kids!
To volunteer, email Kristan: kdm2201 @


Anonymous said...

Could someone adopt the ECA website? It hasn't been updated since last year.

John McBride said...

The ECA meets, I believe, the second Tuesday of the month. I know in the past they've been looking for volunteers. Why not attend the meeting and see?