Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kennedy's was hopping

The grand opening last night at Kennedy's Premium Bar and Grill, the new entry in the fight to stay alive as a business at 366 N. Caswell Rd., was festive, at least for the short time we were there. Patsy Kinsey was among the honored guests, although I couldn't be sure if she was politiking or just checking out the noise level. It certainly was loud, kind of midnight loud at 6 p.m., but I guess that's just me getting old.

The menu featured a very nice selection of draft beers, which is always welcome. Nobody should ever make lasting decisions on a place based on opening night, but I'll offer my thoughts anyway. We had shepherds pie, fried goat cheese salad and fish and chips at our table in a kind of good news, bad news affair. The bad news was the fish and chips: They've got a long way to go to be only as good as the fish and chips at Whiskey Warehouse. The good news: The salad was quite yummy (yes, even thought it came to the table sans dressing). Better than that was the shepherds pie, which could have made the ranks of Best Ever if someone in the kitchen held a firmer hand over the saline drip -- there was enough salt in our serving to pay a Roman army.

Overall it was certainly worth another trip, and I hope the new place can stick around longer than previous tenants. One Kennedy's guest last night suggested an excellent Elizabeth trivia question: Name all the restaurants that have graced that building in the last few years. Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Nolia, Ed's Tavern, can't go back any further. I checked out Kennedy's and they have a chance. . . but need to separate themselves out from the other places somehow.