Saturday, May 17, 2008

Door-to-door trouble

The Elizabeth Crime Dawg writes:
There is a 30-ish white male going door to door as an alarm company salesman. He was aggressive with one of my neighbors. He has been seen in Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood, yesterday and today. He is driving a small silver car with Ohio plates. Today he was seen cruising the neighborhood, stopping in front of each house, making notes. He may be taking notes of who does and who doesn't have an alarm system.

DO NOT OPEN the door to him. Call the police if you spot him. Dark hair, dark blue shirt, white shorts. When I saw him again today he sped off in his car as though he was afraid I would see him. The police have gotten several reports and are trying to catch him. There is no alarm company with the name on his clipboard.

I just had another person come to my door from a different company. It is suspicious because they are coming during the day when most people are working. Don't be afraid to call the police, if these are legitimate businesses they should know that this is no way to sell products. On the other hand, if it is a theft ring, they need to know that neighbors are watching.


Liz said...

He came to my house and said, "My boss wanted me to ask if I could put this sign in your yard." That was his lead-in. He kept talking about how his service has two-way communication even though I told him I have an alarm.
I got the feeling he was mentally ill more than dangerous. It wasn't too hard to get him to move along.

Anonymous said...

was he young looking, like 30's? i saw a guy looking around my house and in my window this week. Wearing shorts, golf shirt and ball cap. he was driving a silver bmw with tinted windows. when i spotted him and came out of my house he got is his car and sped up the road... just a few minutes later he sped back down my road. it made me very nervous but he has not come to my door yet.

luvmygoldie said...

just wanted to say that he has been here in Merry Oaks today and yesterday. we'll be on the lookout and call the police if he comes by again.