Saturday, March 08, 2008

This old house

When we moved into our Elizabeth home 11 years ago, the foundation was straight and true. In the last few drought-plagued years it's begun to crack and list. That's not all. During the storm Tuesday night I noticed a leak in the roof. It's been six years since we last painted the exterior. And that's just the outside. Don't get me started on the improvements needed inside.

Our homes give our neighborhood such character. Sometimes character costs. 

If the painter I used last time is still in business, I'll hire him again. He was great. But as far as a roofer or someone to fix my foundation, I have no clue. Who can recommend a few folks who can help me restore some character to my old house? 


Anonymous said...

I recommend H&S Roofing - they have been great for us - both in our decision to change the style of our roof years ago and with replacement when the tree fell on our house last summer. So far, we've managed to not have foundation problems! Gotta love the old houses, right? Amy W.

John McBride said...

Thanks anon. I may give them a try.

Liz said...

Another thing to worry about, oh no!

Who's your painter? I like Royal at Royal Painting. Albert is ok too. Albert's Painting.

There's a guy named Sean who owns Southern Systems or Southern Roofing Systems or something like that. I'll look it up and post back...
He's a good guy.

John McBride said...


I can't remember the name of my painter! I thought I had it written down somewhere, but I can't find it. All I can remember is his first name is Stewart.

I also had a roof leak reparied by H&S Roofing. They were ok.

Falcone Structural Repair said...

Hello - this might come too late but I just discovered your blog!

Falcone Contracting & Repair specializes in structural repairs and would be glad to give a free written quote for your foundation repairs. Our carpenters are second generation and we have great respect for old homes.

When interviewing someone regarding foundation repairs - please make sure you ask for local references who had similar foundation issues. Also ask the carpenter to have their insurance agent mail you an original certificate of insurance.