Sunday, April 29, 2007

Progressively better

It seems like the Elizabeth Progressive Dinner just gets better every year. This year's bash, wonderfully organized by Beth Haenni, was as inviting as the day. That's my group above, at Judy Ghoneim's house on Greenway. For once I didn't overstuff myself at the appetizer house (smaller photo) before dinner, although not because the appetizer fare was lacking -- it wasn't. No, I actually exercised a bit of self-restraint, as hard as that is to believe. At least until I got to the the chocolate desserts at Jane and Roxie's. Thanks to Beth and Maya Packard, all the host houses and anyone else who had a hand in making this the premier neighborhood event. Find the recipies here.

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Beth Haenni said...

A fantastic crowd of 170 Elizabethans joined us at this year's Progressive Dinner. Our business neighbors helped out, too! Acoustic guitar was provided by John Tosco; decor was provided by Amorette Mayr of Goodness Gracious Gatherings; coffee was donated by Starbucks; and wine and beer provided by Common Market.