Sunday, March 11, 2007

ECA newsletter

When you get the Spring 2007 edition of the ECA newsletter (currently being delivered), be sure to check out the excellent primer on zoning by Tony Miller.


Anonymous said...

Is there an on-line version of the Elizabeth Newsletter? Even though I live in Elizabeth (Hawthorne Ln) and pay my membership dues to the ECA, I do not get the newsletter delivered. Thanks for your help.

John McBride said...

Sorry you didn't get your newsletter. They are delivered by hand by volunteers and sometimes mistakes happen.

Right now the newsletter isn't available online. It used to be available and the plan calls for it to be available again. But the ECA is in the process of redesigning the Web site, and that part isn't done yet.

Tell me more precisely where on Hawthorne you live and I'll see if I can use my influence to make sure you get a copy delivered next time.

Anonymous said...

I'm at 527 Hawthorne #4. My wife and I have been asked (and did)to deliver flyers about many events in the past years, but have not been asked in recent memory. Nor have we received any such flyers since.

John McBride said...

I think Linda Nash handles distributing the newsletter in our area, coordinating with voluneteer deliverers. E-mail her at nashfamily1 at to see if she has any copies left. Another good person to know is Nancy Albert, the newsletter editor. E-mail her at noalbert at If Linda doesn't have any copies, maybe Nancy does.

Linda would be the person to contact if you want to help distribute newsletters.