Monday, July 24, 2006

Make a note of it

One of the ways we were able to bust the guy who broke into our house recently is that I had a list of serial numbers on some of the things he stole. If you haven't made such a list yet, you ought to. I was reminded of this by the latest crime tip from Sgt. Rich Stahnke of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department:
Thefts of the popular Apple iPod are common (CMPD has recorded 100 such thefts between 12/9/2005 and 6/26/2006). Common among the CMPD reports is the lack of iPod serial numbers, indicating that most of the victims do not know their iPod’s serial number. There are several resources available to assist in obtaining that information, including the original iPod packaging and, perhaps the purchase receipt. Another way to determine the iPod serial number is to access the iTunes (version 6 or later) program on the computer they download music from. The serial number of the last iPod connected to the computer will be displayed.

Find your iPod serial number.

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