Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Eliza-verse neighborhood

You may have already seen them. I just noticed them a couple of days ago: Poems pasted to trees and telephone poles around the neighborhod. In April I wrote about the poetry tree at the end of Lamar. But now poems are appearing elsewhere. Is it the work of the same person?


Anonymous said...

They're at the end of the trolley path. I went on the website, and it's an international art thing--imagine the path being an international sensation! Neat story, maybe for the newsletter or Observer. I saw where the newspaper in TN covered their "poems" that were posted around town.

John McBride said...

What website?

Kevin Keck said...

To correct a factual error: the poems in Elizabeth are not part of an "international art movement." They are a result of boredom combined with alcohol, etc. God forbid I should be associated with some pretentious art movement. The tree and the poems on poles came about like this: I was heavily intoxicated, I was lying on my floor staring at the ceiling, and I thought, "What can I do?" I decided to put a poem on a tree, and the telephone poles followed suit. What is more offensive than a telephone pole fencing the sky? A billboard, perhaps. But the poems will be placed on every telephone pole in Elizabeth by the end of December, and then my work will be done.