Tuesday, April 26, 2005


And I thought I lived on John McBride's street? Seriously, Elizabeth and I love living here in the Elizabeth neighborhood and appreciate the neighborhood, its walkability, wonderful people and the general ethos. While I am flattered by John McBride's comments, aka Justin McBride (see http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/business/9133806.htm), I am more honored to see him and family here on our little piece of Charlotte, just north of the roundabout. We have been fortunate to both discover and inhabit a great area and we plan to reseide here for some time.

In actuality, cool is not something that describes me. Yet, about a year ago a group of us got together and thought that this effort - the Hot Jobs/Cool Communities project - might provide a good, solid foundation for Charlotte, especially with the upcoming Boomer retirement challenge. Projections are for a four-year trend of two workers exiting the workforce for every one entering. Charlotte needs at least its fair shake of the thinkers, the artists, the creatives, the innovators to have a thriving, exciting environment to continue to make this such a great place to live.


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anonyMoses said...

I used to live on 8th Street, just a few blocks from the roundabout, and know what you mean about walkabilly, I mean walkability. I walked from there, up Hawthorne until it turns into Queens, then walked down it until it dumps out at Carolinas Medical. Actually I ran, full tilt, down Queens, because, by then, it was pelting rain and crackling thunder -- and I have a keen fear of lightning. Sadly, when I was finally out from under the trees...I was suddenly the tallest thing around.

Lots of good walking options for you. Eastover. Myers Park. Plaza-Midwood. Elizabeth City. Well, maybe not Elizabeth City.

Perhaps you can have them adopt you. "Elizabeth City adopts Charlotte's Elizabeth Community: East Meets West." I think Brad Pitt is available to play John McBride...

On your point about attracting new creatives...I agree, but wish Charlotte would help develop the ones that already here. I know many geniuses who are just going to die of old age because no one thought to nourish them, or utilize their talents. Traffic is bad enough.