Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hi there,
I am new to the community and new to this blog, having moved here from Connecticut six months ago. My husband John and I live in one of the Elizabeth Village flats, you may have seen us at an ECA monthly meeting, at the progressive dinner or just out walking. In Connecticut I worked for Wesleyan University, was a freelance documentary photographer and photo editor for the Hog River Journal, a quarterly magazine that explored the state's culture and history.

I have so far very much enjoyed being in Charlotte, but am looking for ways to connect with people and learn more about the community. So when Peter Tart talked with me about coordinating the newsletter I pretty much jumped at the chance. It is clear though, that as a newcomer to the community, I am going to need a good bit of help. What do people think should be included in the next (fall) newsletter? Is anybody interested in writing a piece? Do you have photos you'd like to share? Do you like the publication as it, are there changes you would like to see? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Nancy Albert


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Elizabeth and the sunny south! This blog is great--it has GREAT information and John does a wonderful job. I'd like to see more "hard" news in the newsletter--like new businesses, what's coming--development-wise and residential, and other community activities. A good newsletter to look at (although--it's too long) is the Dilworth neighborhood newsletter. They always have great insights as to what's coming for the neighborhood, news about businesses opening or changing, etc. It's nice to have some fluff, but not all fluff. Good luck!

John McBride said...

Thanks for the kudos, anon. I'd like to see more news on UTWT too. If you hear of any, send it my way or post it yourself -- anyone can post. If you'd like to know how, let me know.

Andria said...

A couple of your nearby neighborhoods are using google groups messages to share information. Nancy Pierce Shaver sends a neighborhood news bulletin to Merry Oaks folks through the google group for the Merry Oaks Neighborhood Association, and there's also a website,
Both the website and Google groups require registration. The website allows anonymous postings, if you must. Some community leaders and politicians view the google groups, and that's an important note that posters need to remember. Everyone is watching.
The neighborhood printed newsletter for Merry Oaks is quarterly, has a few perennial advertisers, and is seeking help selling ads and managing accounts and distribution. Contact Pam or Richard Stenhouse (in the white pages phone book) if you're interested. Maybe there's a way to join forces, now or in the future.
The Briar Creek/Woodlawn/Commonwealth people are very active at their google groups site (called CPNA).
Some day, there will be a one-source place for quick information affecting our center-city neighborhoods. Until then, active linking among websites, blogs, google groups and old-fashioned printed newsletters are the best options we have.
Good luck.

John McBride said...

I second Andria's notion that "some day, there will be a one-source place for quick information affecting our center-city neighborhoods." I think all it will take is doing it. Now if only we could figure out how...