Thursday, May 12, 2005

trains and helicopters

I have two items for fellow neighbors of the Elizabeth Community, both concerning noise.

First, I noticed in the paper last week in the Dr. Traffic column that the state has approved "quiet horns" for trains. They can be used at road crossings that have new four arm guards so that there is not an opportunity for cars to drive around the crossing arms. The arms cost $100,000 per crossing. Does anyone else know anything about this or know how we can approach the city about getting this completed at Pecan and at Central? I think reduction of the train horns at night would greatly improve our quality of life (and sleep).

Second, has anyone else noticed a recent increase in the proximity and volume of helicopters in our neighborhood? Is there anything that can be done about it.



John McBride said...

Good questions. I don't know the answers, but from my days living at the Laurel end of East 8th Street, wouldn't we need to consider the crossing at Bascom in Chantilly? I recall the engineers leaned heavily on the horn when approaching that crossing from either direction.

Vail Ave Blogger said...

We can hear the trains over on Vail so I can only imagine how loud they are on 8th. Frankly, home values in that area would probably increase if something could be done...and increased values means increased tax revenue for the city.

We are fighting a battle of our own with Charlotte Plastic Surgery's early morning garbage pickup. If you live on Vail and it bothers you too, please contact the city at 336-2310.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see them get rid of the busses on E. 5th Street. Does anybody know how to get rid of the "Bus Races" that happen daily?

Anonymous said...

there was a splinter group from the ECA that was working on the buses with CTA. I think the issue was boiled down to they have to service both Presby and Mercy. It was suggested to serve Mercy by coming up 7th and turning down Caswell. Apparently, the buses can't make the turn back onto 5th at the Caswell intersection. I believe this could be remedied, and if there was enough feedback, we could get it back on the CTA "to do" list. Most of the people I think that were working on this are gone, or lost steam.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have the issue get some steam behind it. They are RACING down the street and we thought parking on both sides of the street would help slow down the traffic, and it does at times, but not enough. We heard that getting speed bumps or a traffic circle was next to impossible given the hospitals at the end of the street. The only solution left is to get them off 5th all together. It was rumored that they were always on 7th to begin with, but when 7th was having some road maintenance done, they moved them temporarily to 5th and they never moved them back to 7th. I think there's enough "new blood" on the street that we could light a fire again.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a city? Don't we need trains and buses? I hear S. Park is nice and quiet. ;-)